facilitation services


  • Inclusive Strategies


  • Small Group Facilitation

  • Special Committee Formation 

Organizational change

  • Organizational Analysis

  • Adaptive Leadership Principles

  • Culture Shift / Change Management Discussion Groups 

Leadership Partner

  • Adaptive Leadership Strategies

  • Transformation Coaching


  • Project/Program Consulting

Client benefits


     Communication Tools

  • Increase Awareness & Inclusive Practices

  • Explore Team Agreements

  • Determine Internal Capacity for Change


Deepen Connections

  • Encourage Internal Collaboration

  • Enhance & Expand Relationships 

  • Address Accountability with Actionable Steps Forward


Critical Strategies

  • Determine Short and Long Term Progress Markers

  • Internal/External Opportunities Report


  • Guidance and Support for Systems Change


What OUR Collaborators have to say

Kamilah is an excellent presenter and we have enjoyed her expertise in several of our Leadership Pipeline programs. Her presentations on Diversity, Inclusion & Equity - and the dynamics of a multi-generational work force were approachable, concise, thought-provoking and very well received by our attendees. I would highly recommend her as a presenter for any organization.

"Kamilah is the kind of detail oriented, savvy professional that you need when you are honing your communications strategy... She delivers!"

Diane Hosey | Embrey Family Foundation

Heidi Murray | COO, Women's Leadership

"When she engages in strategic planning, she considers business metrics and people impact, creating a more holistic and realistic plan." 

Diane Thompson,  Training and Development Manager,

 at Allegro Development Corporation

"Kamilah offers practical, keen insight on critical issues for her organization and ...  is adept at building relationships and collaborating across boundaries. "

Cheryl Stokes, Executive Director, Learning Innovations Team

at Duke Corporate Education

"Kamilah is an enthusiastic coach who is inspired to bring out the best in people. She has a natural instinct of how to coach as well as great professional presence." 

Jayne Gardner, PHD. CNN Contributor | Master Certified Coach | Published Author 

Success potential goes way up when Kamilah Collins is involved in a project. Her expertise as a senior strategist brings order to the chaos. Kamilah is often the smartest person in the room, she is able to plan with the end in mind. She is a comfortable, effective and motivational leader and a highly collaborative team player. The clarity and timeliness of her communication saves time, saves money and solidifies relationships.

Kamilah was very thoughtful in her support of the Dallas Faces Race initiative and greatly appreciated her perspective as we navigated new areas. She is professional and passionate about making our world better

Cynthia Yung | Executive Director,  Boone Family Foundation

​Lyria Howland, President at Howland PR